Ricardo Prada, PhD

I'm a Silicon Valley psychologist making technology more humane. I've helped design offbeat things at Google, X, Verily, Waymo, and Boeing, ranging from self-driving cars to contact lens computers, to AI-infused devices.

Currently, I serve as Director and Principal Researcher of Google's AIUX team. Before, I led design and user research for Alphabet's X incubator.

Small sample of projects

Google Artificial Intelligence User Experience
My team is exploring the edges of AI across Google... and then actually launching products that people notice.

If you're new to AI + design, this video is a great place to start.

Google Self-driving Cars (Waymo)
Led user research and human factors for initial development. Hired first UX team.

Project Glass
Led user research, including ergonomics, concept design, market research, and advised successful pivot to enterprise users.

Project Wing
First UXer and UX manager on Alphabet's ambitious bet to transform how goods are delivered.

Google Ads
Serial user research lead for each of the major multi-billion dollar products, helping launch full redesigns.

Boeing Flight Deck of the Future
Worked on full redesigns to modernize autopilot interfaces for Boeing's 7-series, focused on ease of operation and flight safety. (Pic below is the current generation; ours remains confidential.)